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Leave It To the Professionals

The first thing I often hear from a real estate agent is "I do my own photos, and they are good enough". Well, it may be true that the houses are still selling, but your photos may not be helping.  And when someone talks about selling their own home, what would you tell them? I'm guessing you have many reasons why you think it should be left to the professionals. The same rule applies to photography. Let me first explain why you need a professional photographer. The following photo was taken by a real estate agent in Chautauqua County:

The above photo shows the general size of the room. And if you look closely, you can see Chautauqua Lake outside. But does it really grab the potential buyer's attention and make them want to see the house in person? Especially when it was listed for $800K? Do you think a potential buyer will be likely to click on that listing when browsing online? Let's compare that photo with the one I made.

View from home on Chautauqua LakeView from home on Chautauqua LakeThe living room and pool table and impressive view of Chautauqua Lake near Lakewood, NY.

I do not doubt for a moment that you would emphatically say "leave home selling to a professional real estate agent." Should not the photography of a home interior be done by a professional? Obviously, not all homes merit a professional, but if a home is listed for $300K or more studies have shown that it will likely sell at a higher price than if professional photos are not used.

Packages and Pricing Information

I provide two levels of Real Estate Photography. I realize many agents do not have a large advertising budget, or some properties are not valued that high, so the commission will not be very large. In an effort to reduce costs I offer a package where I use only available light is used to make the photos. This saves a significant amount of time and the time savings result in reduced costs. There are some quality drawbacks, so to help you choose which level is right for you I have provided some comparisons below.




HDR Photography Package: $100

Includes 10 HDR images. Additional images $7 each.

Premium Photography Package: $140

Includes 10 images and flash lighting with balanced interior/exterior lighting and window views. Additional images $10 each.

Mileage: Mileage is calculated using the distance in Google Maps from the zip code 14701 to the property address. 10 miles are included. Additional miles are billed at 50¢ per mile.

Aerial Photography (20-30 feet above ground): Gives larger homes a much more appealing perspective. $20 each, minimum of two required. For most properties 2 to 3 images are recommended.

3750 Ross Mills Rd, Falconer NY3750 Ross Mills Rd, Falconer NYLow-level aerial photo.

Twilight Photography: Capture a beautiful sunset and give the property a dramatic look that will stand out among the listings. $100

Video Tours/Virtual Tours:

1080p HD Video Tour with Free Music: $50

1080p HD Video Tour with Narration (agent provides script): $100

As always, the quality of all of my work is guaranteed 100%. If you are not satisfied, I will resolve the problem or refund your money.